My Purpose God’s Plan

My Purpose God’s Plan

By: Charron Walker

As human beings our instinct is to have a road map for our lives, because we have goals and desires we want to achieve. Author Charron Walker reveals in My Purpose God’s Plan even though we have some control over our future, only God knows the outcome. “The purpose for my life was predestined before I was born. The ‘blueprint’ I had for my life was not what God had planned for me.”

“A couple of months ago, I began to look at my life and the journey I took to get to this point. Every experience in my life has prepared me for this moment, from working with different types of people to managing a budget for an after-schoolprogram, my relationship with God, each job I held, each class I took, each challenge I encountered, my father being a pastor, each valuable lesson learned and each individual that was in my life for a season. All of these things were pieces of the bigger picture. I had no idea that one day I would be the founder of a support program for young women who were survivors of breast cancer. I definitely did not think I would have cancer.”

“I had set goals for myself. My objectives were to find a good-paying job, pay off the expenses I had incurred from graduate school and begin to move into the next stage of my life. I wanted to get married, have two children,get a beagle and have a big house with the white picket fence. In a matter of days, everything changed. I went from the mountaintop to the valley, from joy to depression and from hope for the future to no hope at all.”

Charron Walker is the CEO and Founder of Young Survivors Network, Inc., a support program for young women survivors of breast cancer. She is also a 16-year breast cancer conqueror. She was diagnosed at the age of 32 and her mother passed away from this disease at the age of 34. She teaches workshops on breast health, early detection and living a healthy lifestyle. Her personal motto is: I’ve been through a lot to do this; every day is a faith walk for me. God spared me for a reason and this is my

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