Nature Cures: The A to Z of Ailments and Natural Foods

Nature Cures: The A to Z of Ailments and Natural Foods

By: Nat H Hawes

Just like author Nat Hawes, we also have friends and family that has illnesses that takes medicine and other ways that uses technology or chemicals to cure it. But what if there is an option or a natural way to get better or to get cured? Wouldn’t you try it? What do you have to loose? Nothing right? Natural medicine is actually better in my opinion as it has less chemicals and less side effects than current medicines has. ┬áProvided that author Nat Hawes has over 12 years of experience to test and prove the contents of the natural remedies on her book.

Nat H Hawes has spent 12 years researching and compiling this fascinating compendium of foods and their health-giving-properties. Her sources range from a lifetime of experience travelling abroad to research via libraries and university websites and include a vast range of scientific papers which she has analysed and summarised in everyday language. She reviews both the health problems that can be helped by nutritional interventions and the healing properties of the full spectrum of natural (as opposed to processed) foods and drinks. The book complements and is supported by Nats internationally popular website which has reached over two million hits and receives over 3000 visitors per day searching for natural remedies for many health issues.

The book consists 1130 pages of the following contents:

– A to Z of the human body,ailments and natural remedies
– A to Z of Hazards to Human Health and natural alternatives
– Nature Cures and Safeguards
– A to Z of Foods and their benefits
– A to Z of Organic Nutrients, what they can help to treat and prevent and the best food sources
– A to Z of Minerals, what they can treat and prevent and the best food sources

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    1. In fact you are doing a great service for mankind but please try to create sourcing market for most of the products and herbs you listed in your book we find it difficult to get some of these herbs and products . Some of us may want to order in bulk for our center ,this way, you are creating another great business opportunity for your self and your customers.
      Hope am making sense to you.
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