Review Policy

Worthy Book Club reviews selected types of book genres. We have the right to refuse a book submitted for a review. We do not require a certain amount of book reviews on any platform as well.

Formats of Review copies accepted:

  • Kindle E-books
  • .Mobi
  • ePub
  • PDF

We do accept any format so if your book is not of any of the formats mentioned above, feel free to send us a message on what your book format is.

The reviews include a rating, release date and our personal blurb about the book. Reviews also include recommendations for the book or against the book. Reviewers will write an honest review for you.

Book Reviews are posted within 10 to 15 days upon receiving the book details.

Reviews can be posted on this website, Amazon, Goodreads, Smashwords and at Librarything. Let us know on which platforms you like your book reviews to be posted.

Please note:
All reviews are based on the opinion of the reviewers.  Expect that book reviews are not always positive. We have the right to reject a book submitted if it is inappropriate for our readers. All book reviews posted on this website is either bought or gifted.
Worthy Book Club uses affiliate links that is used to maintain the website.

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