The God Of Politics

The God Of Politics

By: Elijah Abdul Hakim

The God of Politics serve as both a book of enlightenment for political and government leaders, and a manual for governing. Today’s political climate is wrought with the ever present stench of corruption, feelings of abandonment on the part of various segments of the constituency, and cynicism towards any and all actions of government leaders. Moral dialogue in governing have largely been discussed along partisan lines and have done more to divide than to unite.

The God of Politics capture the concepts of government and politics found in the Bible and presents them to the reader in a plain, nonpartisan, and non-sectarian way. As the search for moral aptitude is universal and non-sectarian, so is this book as it analyzes scriptural references as a historical probing, and makes it plain to the reader. Scriptural references to government, governing, and proper conduct in governing are numerous. The God of Politics provides guidance regarding political affairs in areas such as economics, immigration, activism, warfare and more. History has, and continues to cry out for the need for governments to ascribe to the principles found in this book.

The reader does not need to be Christian or Jewish, to relate to these principles. Other religions that do not ascribe to the bible as its main spiritual guide, such as Muslims, Buddhists, or others will appreciate the concepts and universal wisdom of governing found in this historical probing. This book serves as a guide for community and political leaders, as well as anyone aspiring to lead people with moral conviction. Complete with strategies, concepts in this book are indispensable for anyone having a desire to positively impact the political system in their local, state, or national government.

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