Touching His Robe: Reaching Past the Shame and Anger of Abuse

Touching His Robe: Reaching Past the Shame and Anger of Abuse

By: Leslie G. Nelson

Survivors of sexual abuse and assault often struggle with anxiety, depression and thoughts of suicide. Many also find themselves feeling like the woman who touched the hem of the Lord’s robe to be healed: desperately needing the Savior’s help, but feeling too full of shame and pain to approach Him.

When seeking help, survivors are generally counseled to forgive, but instead of bringing relief, this message often increases their shame and pain. Forgiveness is not the only step towards healing, nor is it the first step.

Touching His Robe shares scripture anecdotes and metaphors that will help answer questions such as, “If God is real and He cares about me, why did He allow this to happen?” The author encourages readers to at first just touch His robe, and guides them on a journey to help them come closer to embracing Him.

Leslie G. Nelson enjoyed a close personal relationship with the Savior that helped her through many difficult personal trials, but when memories of childhood sexual abuse surfaced, she found herself ashamed to approach Him. In Touching His Robe, she shares the insights gained on her journey with the sensitivity and clear communication she acquired during years of teaching women and youth at church and while working in a halfway house, juvenile detention, and a group home for abused children and teens.

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